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Sunday, May 20, 2018

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Rev. Erin WathenScripture: Acts 2:1-21

I was picking up the kids from school yesterday, and as I watched the herd pour out the front door, I thought, “who is that huge kid wearing my son’s shirt??” And then I realized I was looking at my actual kid. But he was suddenly ENORMOUS. Either he grew in his sleep over the weekend (which has been known to happen) or my eyes were playing tricks on me. I suspect that both of these things are true.

Kids grow fast. But also, our eyes play tricks on us. As do our ears. So how are we ever supposed to trust anything? Not just what other people tell us, but even what we perceive for ourselves? With our own senses? So much of life is subjective, and so often, even our own observations are skewed by one thing or another.

This Sunday is Pentecost Sunday. We’ll hear the story of how the Holy Spirit moved through the crowd that became what we now call “church.” The Spirit moved like a rushing wind; like fire and flame; and like the sound of a thousand voices speaking at once, in different languages. The miracle of Pentecost is that even in the midst of all that noise and chaos, each person felt the presence of the spirit in his or her own way. And each person heard the good news in their own language—even if the person next to them was speaking in a completely foreign tongue.

Sometimes we can all be looking at exactly the same thing and see something different. Sometimes, we can all be standing in the middle of a noisy room, but still hear the same single note rise above the chaos. Who knows how the Spirit moves… but move she does. And sometimes we get to be a part of it.

Come Sunday and we’ll have a special service to celebrate the day of Pentecost. There will be new music, colorful banners, and a couple of baptisms. But most of all, there will be the Spirit that moves among us, always, whenever we are “together in one place.” See you then.

Rev. Erin Wathen, Senior Pastor

Also this Sunday:
Adult Education: 9:30 am in Friends Hall - more info on the ADULT EDUCATION page.
• VBS - Rolling River Rampage VBS is coming soon! Check out all the details and reserve your spot!

Job Opening - Part-time Youth Minister
We are hiring for the position of Youth Director (part time). Please see this LINK for the job description and email for more information.

Upcoming Events:
• Ramadan Dinner - May 24: 8:00pm, Friends Hall, more info on the MISSION page.
• Sizzling Summer Kick-Off Picnic - June 3: Sign up in the Hearth Room or

On-Going Events:
• Grief Group - meets the first Sunday of the month, led by Jody Gyulay, 11:45am, Room 102
• Mission & Outreach Opportunities:
check the MISSION & OUTREACH page for more information.
• SAGE (Saint Andrew Group for Ecology): Opportunities & events on the SAGE Page.
• Bible Study: 2nd & 4th Tuesdays, Friends Hall, 7:00-8:30 pm

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