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Sunday, September 24, 2017

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Rev. Erin WathenScripture: Exodus 16:2-15 & Matthew 20:1-16

If we want our stuff for cheap, we have to keep labor cheaper. This is the unfortunate truth of our modern economy, whether we want to acknowledge it or not.

This truth is not unique to our own time though. Even kind of awhile ago, Pharaoh learned how to cash in on cheap labor to build his empire. But God called Pharaoh’s laborers out of their life of slavery; God chose them, set them apart, made them a Covenant people, and led them out into the wilderness towards freedom.

For awhile, they thought they’d made a terrible mistake in leaving. Wouldn’t it have been better to die in captivity than to starve in the desert? But then, there was a miracle. That barren wilderness came alive with quail, and a strange kind of bread they’d never seen before: manna. And once the people were fed, they decided they might make a go of this freedom thing after all.

There’s another story in scripture about the true cost of cheap labor. Jesus tells a parable about some workers in the field. Some are peeved that the ones who showed up late got paid the same days’ wages for fewer hours of work. You know… we’ve always been told this is a story about God’s grace, and how it extends to all, no matter how undeserving or how late to the party. But I wonder if there are more layers to reveal some truth about our own sense of entitlement—our demands that we be given our due, and our expectations that we will always have more. Even if others work harder, have to climb farther, face more challenges…

In both stories, there are some life-giving truths about God’s faithfulness to provide; and there are challenges to our own assumptions about what is enough, and who is worthy. Come Sunday and we will talk about the weight of our consumer culture on those who work the hardest for the least pay. Who is harmed the most by our constant need for more? What is the cost to the earth we inhabit? And what is the true cost to our own spirit, our own humanity, when we pour so much of our time and energy into that life of acquisition?

The good news is, this “Pre-Existing Condition”—which we sometimes call greed— is not who we are. It’s not who God calls us to be, and we know there is a better way. For us, for our neighbor, for the world.

See you Sunday,
Rev.Erin Wathen, Senior Pastor

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