Small Groups

Since 2006, Saint Andrew Christian Church has had a “covenant group” system, which essentially is a mechanism to facilitate communication and foster closer ties among church members. It also functions as a way to insure that key internal tasks get accomplished, while reaching out, to a limited degree, to the Olathe area.

2017 Covenant Group Leaders
Ed & Janice Rawlings
John & Sandy Marksbury
Sue Ann Harris
Allen & Linda Peyton
Debra Johnson
Rich & Crysta Baier
Skip & Linda Graham

A closer look at some of the covenant group duties:

Sunday services — Each covenant group has responsibility for five or six Sunday or special occasion services, such as Good Friday and the three Christmas Eve services. this opportunity for ministry involves, among other things, carrying the elements to the front of church at the start of services, collecting the offering and distributing communion.

Center of Grace — On the second Wednesday of each month, covenant group volunteers help serve a “community meal” at the Center of Grace building, 520 S. Harrison, Olathe. Any and all who walk through the doors are served at no charge. Jeff Searl, a Saint Andrew member, has coordinated Saint Andrew's participation the last several years; he arranges most of the cooking.

The covenant group system has worked very well for Saint Andrew and has contributed to the dynamic spirit that pervades the church. One of the covenant groups’ most valuable contributions is cultivating a spirit of volunteerism and extending to all members opportunities to engage in internal and external ministries.

For more information contact:
Debbi Adams, Church Administrator, (913) 764-5888 or,
or Laura Lucier. 2015 Covenant Group Coordinator, 913-909-9702,