The Legacy Fund of Saint Andrew Christian Church
“Keeping the Spirit Alive”

Legacy FundThe Legacy Fund is Saint Andrew’s permanent endowment fund, created and maintained through planned gifts and donations from church members and friends. As caring, loving people, we have a deep need to contribute, to serve, and to share. Gifts in the form of outright or planned giving can be made in many ways, the simplest of which is through your will or living trust. Some of the other ways to give include stocks and bonds, real estate, pensions and other tax deferred accounts, life insurance, charitable gift and charitable remainder trusts, and cash. The Legacy Fund is administered by five trustees elected by the congregation, and the funds are invested through the Christian Church Foundation in one of its Joint Investment Trust Funds. The Legacy Fund gives each person who contributes to it the opportunity to personally take action to make a lasting difference, now and for generations to come. Through our collective contributions, we can ensure that our commitment to seeking God, creating community, and practicing justice endures.

For a free and confidential consultation to discuss giving opportunities, please call 913-764-5888 or contact Kirby Gould, Vice President of the Christian Church Foundation at 800-688-8016.
Legacy Fund Brochure

Legacy Board of Trustees 2019
Alan Barkema, chair
Pat Neubauer
Gerald Powers
Jeff Waller
Brian Foster