Weekly Devotional

April 24, 2019

by Jim Bramlett


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Recently we took our “bucket list” trip to New Zealand and Australia and it was every bit as good as we expected and then even better in some ways. I don’t want to bore you with all the details, after all this isn’t Facebook, it’s our weekly devotional. From the time we arrived to the minute we left we were surrounded by beauty. It was beautiful weather, beautiful sites and most importantly beautiful people.

The highlight of the trip for me was seeing the fiords in the southwest corner of New Zealand. Our mega ship, containing over 5,000 people (staff and cruisers), was able to traverse through two of the fiords and a third we sailed up the channel and it was wide enough to turn around. Here’s why it was so special. The fiords were formed by God over a trillion, okay maybe even a gazillion years ago and they are largely untouched by we humans.

We got to see God’s beauty first hand. The bluffs, the trees, the natural waterfalls and the spectacular water hitting the shorelines. It was breathtaking and I love seeing God’s work firsthand. I mean other parts of New Zealand were special too, but this was unlike anything I have witnessed before. I tell Pam that I love the Flint Hills for some of the same reasons. You can actually see views of nothing, nothing but hills and prairies if you look hard. In other words, there are views with no billboards or buildings and I find that beautiful.

The beauty of the trip was compounded by the beautiful people down under. I found them to be lovely, friendly and full of energy. I did not meet anyone that had anything negative to say and I just felt that God had touched them. They are super diligent about the ecology and was often served paper straws (when straws were an option) and more times than not, food and drink were served with washable utensils, plates and glasses.

I think these people of God, living in the land of God have so much right. You know, every now and again, even when you aren’t looking hard, God can easily be seen.