Weekly Devotional

June 17, 2015 

by Jody Gyulay


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Although there are many, this is a story of two precious men in my life. Last weekend I attended the wedding of Colten, my treasured adopted "grandson-in-hear." (I got permission from his mom to adopt him.)

He is a K-State football graduate. He is over 6'8" but his heart far surpasses his physical frame. I loved attending his games. They practiced on Thanksgiving so no holiday for the team. His mom, "Mugs", and I traveled to Manhattan to make dinner for them. We had so much fun and laughter. His close, treasured buddies, who were a big part of wedding, are of the same body, heart and mind stature. Just watching them makes my heart nearly explode.

He is such a gently giant whom I love dearly. He is deeply compassionate and romantic to the core.

I met "Mugs" many years ago. She was a pain specialist nurse. I observed her deep caring. I was in awe of her enormous heart, soul and her tender compassion. We became treasured friends. She has been a great mentor in kindness. Once I met her Colten I knew the genes were generously, gratefully passed on.

The wedding was beautiful and full of meaning. His wife, Maddie, who is just as dear, is Catholic. The wonderful priest welcomed all and grateful for all faiths present. His loving homily shared their lives and all the places they lived which brought them with all present into Oneness. I cried at his sacred acceptance and interconnectedness.

Colten spent a long time dancing with a thrilled group of small children. The kids loved every minute - this watching "kid" the most! He would bow to their height, some only knee high. What a touching sight. The tears flowed at his deep kindness. My heart overflowed.

My other precious man is, Michael, my grandnephew. He is the best husband and father. He is so committed and loving to his two sons, coaching all their games. He is so positive to all the team members spending hours in practice and caring for them. I watch him in awe wanting to blow before a god so devoted. He cleans, washes dishes, cooks and in his twenties started his own carpet laying business which is thriving. He truly is my grandnephew. This week he and his wife, Crystal, sadly lost their baby, named for him, who was due in August. He has stayed by her bedside. Both mommy and daddy hearts are broken beyond words and tears.

I have always believed men have just as big hearts as women. Society has been so cruel to boys and men disallowing, and sometimes punishing them, for being tender, showing emotions and/or expressing their deep love. I believe that men who do step beyond the societal male prison are truly the strong, paternal hearts we, especially children, need so desperately. Tenderness in men has always opened and warmed my heart. It gives me hope for future peace and gently caring for those little punkins who are yet to be born. As women, we are blessed and encouraged, but sometimes criticized, to share our feelings, touches and hugs. However, that pendulum often leaves us confused.

Sometimes neither men nor women feel we can truly trust opening the heart depth of our true beauty, loving kindness and compassion that is ever-present within our enormous beingness.

Dear God, please release the wonderful explosions of love so deeply buried in the tender hearts of our men...and women. Thank you for the blessed balance of men and women in the holy Love of Oneness. Amen.