Weekly Devotional

September 28, 2016

by Lori Schreiber


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Sharing Our Time and Treasure

Towards the end of each Sunday service we are asked to share our time and/or treasure with our church. This weekly request is such a standard part of the Sunday ritual that most of us probably don’t put much thought into it. But soon it will be time for the Saint Andrew annual pledge campaign, and I would like to suggest you start thinking now about your pledge.

Let’s talk first about pledging treasure, or more bluntly known as money. I have to admit that my first thought when I think about money is of all the pointe shoes I’ll be buying my oldest daughter and the gymnastics meet fees I’ll be paying for my youngest daughter. As I ponder the number I will put on that pledge card, I can’t help but feel that I need to give a bit less so that I can have enough for all those new expenses. Don’t my daughters need this money more than the church? Then I think about what our life would be like without Saint Andrew Christian Church. I think about how much we would miss the unique community, support and grace we have here. My daughters need dance and gymnastics to keep them physically healthy and to boost their self-confidence, but Saint Andrew teaches them how to make this world a better place.

El HigueralAnd speaking of making this world a better place. On a recent trip to Belize, I was vividly reminded of how important the money we give to El Higueral is to that community. While in Belize we took a tour inland to see the Mayan ruins. We had a tour guide driving us there and at one point he came to a complete stop in front of a brown, non-descript building. There were children coming out the doors and you could tell it was a school. The tour guide told us that the school would not be possible if it weren’t for the support of churches in the United States. I looked at my daughters, and I saw realization on both of their faces, and then my youngest squealed in glee “That is just like what we do with El Higueral!” Back home a few months later, there was a special offering for El Higueral, and Aubree told me we had to donate because, “We have to make sure those kids have a good school like I do so they can grow up and take care of their country.”

Wow, when I remember that, I realize I had better look at my budget and figure out how I can up that pledge instead of scale back!

What about pledging your time? For some of us, giving up any of our precious time is more painful than parting with our cash. I get it. I have a full-time job, two overly scheduled kids, a husband whose job requires him to be completely gone 50% of the time, aging parents, family with health issues, and on and on. Just like all of you, I don’t have enough time! I don’t give the church as much of my time as I would like to, and when I do give of my time, I often fret that I haven’t done a good enough job to make it worthwhile, but then I hear from someone who benefited from the time I gave, and I know that even the little time I give makes a difference. Yes, I am trying to guilt you into figuring out how you can give even a little of your time. If I can do it, so can you. Even just a few hours makes a difference!

When you get that pledge envelope in the mail, remember that the money and time you give supports not just the building and the amazing staff that make that building our church, but also life changing work that extends far beyond that building’s walls.

Loving creator, be with each of us as we decide how we can best give of our time and treasure to support our church.