Weekly Devotional

February 10, 2016

by Lori Schreiber


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During the cold, dark month of January and February I struggle. Withdrawing from holiday cheer and coping with the coats and gloves just about does me in. I stare longingly at my sandals and I sit in front of the space heater and pretend it is the sun warming me up. This is when I turn to Jimmy Buffet. Hearing him strum his guitar while singing about sun and margaritas is the elixir for my cold-weather doldrums.

I go on this Buffet binge regularly each winter, but every time I do this, I am surprised when I actually listen to the lyrics. There are some pretty good life lessons buried among the margaritas and flip flops.

An Attitude of Gratitude – Not many people know this song because it was done for a special Marlo Thomas kids album. This gem of a song reminds us how important it is to be grateful. One of my favorite lines from this song:
“An attitude of gratitude when pushes come to shove eliminates combatatude and changes fear to love.”

Growing Older, But Not Up – Our bodies age, but that doesn't mean we have to grow up!

It's My Job – A good reminder for all of us that whether we are street sweepers or entertainers, we have an obligation to do our job the best that we can.

Breathe In, Breath Out, Move On – A simple reminder to enjoy the moment.

And my daughter’s favorite – Math Suks. Ok, no real life lessons here except that sometimes music can be a soothing balm that makes you laugh when buried in math homework.

musiciansAnd that is the real point of this devotional. Buffet warms me up during the week, but on Sunday mornings it is the amazing musicians at Saint Andrew that warm my soul. Sometimes I am lucky enough to hear my husband as one of these musicians on his rare weekends off and in the past few months I have also gotten to hear our daughter be one of those musicians. The first time was as part of the youth service. During their last song I literally had tears in my eyes when I heard those kids playing “Let There Be Peace and Let It Begin with Me” and then to have them put their arms around each other as they sang and swayed to the music was simply magical. Music is magic and it is such a blessing to have Cindy and all the other talented musicians light the darkness with this magic every week. The preaching and the camaraderie are wonderful too, but it is the music that warms me up and brings out the sun even when it is gloomy out.

And now I shall go have a margarita and sit in front of my space heater while dreaming of summer and sandals.

Loving creator, thank you for music that warms us up in these dark days of winter. Thank you especially for the music and musicians of Saint Andrew.

Lori Schreiber, her husband Bill Bowsher, and their daughters Hana and Aubree are members of Saint Andrew. Lori is the chair of the Saint Andrew Pastoral Partners. You can reach her at llschreiber@Hotmail.com.