Weekly Devotional

September 2

by Jim Siress


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Several years ago, Ford accountants wrote that it would save money to just pay off victims than fix a rear end gas tank. The Koch brothers bought a lot of gas transmission lines cheaply because they needed maintenance and repairs. Koch accountants documented again that collateral damage would be less expensive then repairs. Tragically a young couple was horribly burned to death because of this callousness. A good old country lawyer in Oklahoma took on the big guys and won a three hundred million dollar settlement.

Our military developed an explosive that kills people but does not harm the building. Am I missing something?

In the late 60's, I was in Tehren, Iran consulting with the Iranian Airlines. Visiting with a high level manager in her office, I noticed a beautiful doll of a Persian Women with a veil covering her face. I shared with the manager that I was blessed with five young daughters, and tried to bring home to them mementos of my travels. She immediately left her chair and proceeded to hand the doll to me saying it now belongs to you. I protested,no ,I want to find out where I can buy a doll like that.

She then said "Jim, you do not understand, it is a part of my Persian Culture, and my Muslim faith when someone admires something I have, and I cannot give it up, I am acknowledging that it no longer is my possession, but that it possesses me."

Many lessons from the Gospel challenge us to reflect on what we are saving or storing up. The old adage, you can't take it with you is so true. I do believe of prime importance is what we leave behind. Hopefully we leave behind memories of our kindness, charity, faithfulness, compassion and unconditional love.

Ever present Lord, help me to always place my brothers and sisters ahead of possessions or economics.

Jim and Ruth Siress have been members of Saint Andrew since 2008. Jim can be reached at jsiress@everestkc.net.