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Sunday, February 7, 2016

orship Times: 8:30 & 10:45 am
Christian Education: 9:30 am for Children, Youth & Adults

Rev. Erin WathenScripture: Luke 5:1-11

Do you ever think about the first time you met someone who is now a huge part of your life? Of course, NOW you cannot imagine your life without that person. But the first time you saw them, you had no idea. In spite of what the movies might have us believe about those first ‘sparks’ of connection, in truth, we cannot know how a relationship will unfold until we are in it.

I think about the bus ride on the first day of Kindergarten—when I met the boy who would be my best friend all the way through school. Or the first day of college, when I met the girl-- 3 dorm rooms down-- who would be my maid-of-honor. I made a friend at Chi Rho church camp when I was in middle school; we later became seminary classmates and are still close colleagues. And of course, the regular work day when I left my desk in a hotel catering office and went downstairs for some letterhead…and met a guy from room service who was also looking for something… 2 kids and 3 states later, the rest is history.

In our text this week, Jesus instructs the disciples to put their nets out into the “deep waters.” The rest of the story—the miraculous catch they haul in—is also history. With that miraculous sign of abundance, these fishermen begin a journey of ministry that will take them places they’d never imagined.

All of our best journeys begin with a step into the deep—what if I get lost? Our most important work usually starts with a risk—what if I’m no good at this? And our most meaningful relationships start with that moment of vulnerability when we decide we’re going to be fully ourselves, and open the door for a stranger to enter our lives—what if I am rejected? This is the work of faith—to venture into those “deep places” of uncertainty, and trust that the abundant grace of God rests somewhere near the bottom. And this is our call as disciples—to build a community where that abundance might be found, every day, and shared with all the world.

Rev. Erin Wathen, Senior Pastor

Also on Sunday:
• Adult Education: 9:30 am in Friends Hall.More information on the Adult Education page.
• Thoughtful Parents: 9:30am in Room 205. More information on the Children's page.

Upcoming Events:
• Saturday Brunch Series - February 6: 10:00 am in Friends Hall, more information here.
• Women's Potluck Lunch - February 7: More Information on the Women's page.
• Fat Tuesday Pancake Dinner - February 9: Join us @ 5-7pm;

• Ash Wednesday Service - February 10: 7pm;Sanctuary; family-friendly service of reflection.
• Lent Dinner & Study - February 17, 24, March 2, 9 & 16: More information here.

On-Going Events:
• Mission & Outreach Opportunities: check the Mission & Outreach page for more information.
• Bible Study: second and fourth Tuesdays, 7-8:30 pm, Room 202/203. (no RSVP needed)
• Grief: A Living Experience with Jody Gyulay: first Sunday of the month, 11:45, Room 102.
• SAGE (Saint Andrew Group for Ecology) Street Clean-Up: February 21, read more on the SAGE Page.

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Saint Andrew Christian Church is a shalom community; a gathered people, seeking God’s peace, justice, healing, and wholeness in every part of our lives and world.

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As members of the family of God, we share our beliefs, doubts, struggles, and growth.

Recipients of God’s boundless grace, forgiveness, and love, we in turn offer our gifts and invite the fellowship, gifts, leadership, and spirit of all who share God’s passion for shalom.

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