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Sunday, September 6, 2015

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: 8:30 & 10:45 am
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Rev. Erin WathenScripture: Mark 7:24-37

Wait. What did Jesus just call her?
I think it rhymes with what my chigger bites do at night… And it’s not very nice, no matter how we nuance it or try to give it ‘context.’

When the Syrophoenician woman asks Jesus to heal her daughter, he basically calls her a dog. It was a disparaging term typically aimed at women of her descent. A racial slur, with sexist overtones. Are we really talking about the same Jesus?

The jarring nature of that exchange has led biblical scholars to seek alternative readings of this text. He was just kidding! He didn’t mean it! Can’t women take a joke?? Etc. And maybe they’re right about Jesus trying to be ironic to make a point… but I don’t find that assumption helpful. The truth is, Jesus was a man in a time when men held certain kinds of privilege. Jesus was a Jew in a place where Jews held a position of privilege. It’s complicated…but as we know, privilege does funny things to people. Even good people. Maybe even Jesus people…

Maybe Jesus at the beginning of this story is not the Jesus we think we know. But maybe, throughout the exchange with this woman in need, we witness Jesus BECOMING the Jesus we know. We see him change his mind. We see him turn around and follow her after all. We see him perform a miracle. And then another.

Everybody has that one great teacher… Maybe she was his.

Who was yours? Who was that person who awakened you to the kinds of privilege you enjoy, and the ways it might be harmful to others? Who has helped open your eyes to a broader worldview? Who has led you to challenge cultural assumptions about race, gender, or poverty? That’s what I’ll be thinking about, till we see each other Sunday. - Rev. Erin Wathen, Senior Pastor

Also this Sunday:
• Adult Education: "Jesus the Storyteller" 
with Tom Minges,
       9:30 am in Friends Hall. (more information on the Adult Education page)
• Thoughtful Parents: We'll meet at 9:30 am in Room 205. More about Thoughtful Parents
       on the Children's Page).

Upcoming Events:
• Wise Women - September 10
(more information on the women's page)
• "2nd Saturday Worship Experience - September 12: We will gather at 5pm on the Patio (Friends Hall if there is inclement weather). This service is an alternative to Sunday mornings in both style and setting. We gather at tables; sing together; share refreshments; engage in a conversational response to the message; and of course, celebrate communion. Children of all ages welcome.
• Scripture Class Begins - September 13: 9:30 am in Pastor Erin's Office, led by RoyceAnn Collins & others.
• Men's Sponsored Dinner - September 15: Everyone is invited to the next men's sponsored dinner. We will gather on Tuesday evening in Friends Hall at 6:00pm. Our presenter will be Alan Barkema, a retired Senior Economist at the Federal Reserve Bank of Kansas City. Alan will talk about current national economy issues. Meal plan is tentatively set as meat loaf, mashed potatoes and green beans. RSVP so we will know how much food to have on hand. We look forward to seeing one and all as we start up the year's cycle of dinners!
• SAGE Wine & Cheese Party - September 25: more information on the SAGE page.
• Fall Workday - September 26: Save the Date! If you have a couple of hours to help out, join us between 9:00 am and 2:00 pm. All skill levels appreciated and no RSVP needed.
• MORE2 Leadership Training - September 27: Please RSVP for this event by September 4. (More information here)

On-Going Events:
• Mission & Outreach Opportunities: check the Mission & Outreach page for more information.
• Bible Study: second and fourth Tuesdays, 7-8:30 pm, Room 202/203. (no RSVP needed)
• Grief: A Living Experience with Jody Gyulay: first Sunday of the month, 11:45, Room 102.
• SAGE (Saint Andrew Group for Ecology) Street Clean-Up: October 18, read more on the SAGE Page.

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