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Sunday, March 26, 2017

          Worship Time: 8:30 & 10:45 am
          Christian Education: 9:30 am for children, youth & adults

Rev. Erin WathenScripture: Luke 16:19-31

This week marks the middle of the Lent season, if you can believe it. We are halfway through our worship series and our Wednesday night study; halfway through those disciplines we may have adopted for the season (I’ve *mostly* done ok as a vegetarian); halfway down the road we walk with Jesus, toward Jerusalem; halfway to Easter—and hopefully more than halfway to Spring!

Maybe I can be a “mostly” vegetarian, but there are some things we can’t do halfway. Like serving our neighbors in need, and caring for those who suffer. A man in this week’s parable learns this the hard way… Every day, he passes by a poor man who is dying for want of basic necessities. But the rich man--even though he has more than enough--continues on his way. Then, both men die: the poor man goes to be rewarded at the side of Abraham, but the rich man… He descends to the mythical Hades, a place of eternal suffering.

This is dark stuff. We don’t usually venture into this kind of literal hellfire in polite Protestant company (mostly because we don’t believe God delights in sadistic eternal torment). But there are important lessons in this parable that, however uncomfortable, we need to sit with on this Lenten journey. Primarily, the truth that you can’t take it with you. There is real and urgent need in the world around us, and we are called to address it in real time. Not for fear of some afterlife punishment, but because our faith demands a life of active compassion.

Still, it is a Shalom Sunday, so we will edit the eternal damnation appropriately! Remember, like every story we hear this season, this is a parable: not to be taken literally, but certainly meant to be taken seriously.

Rev. Erin Wathen, Senior Pastor

Also this Sunday:
• Adult Education:
9:30 am in Friends Hall
. More information on the Adult Education page.
SAGE Postcard Writing Event in the Hearth Room - more info on the SAGE Page.
• Journey: A weekly study group at Saint Andrew. Sunday nights from 4-6pm in Room 202/203. RSVP.

Upcoming Events:
• Wednesday Evenings in Lent-activity/dinner/study/worship - March 8-April 5: All are invited to this inter-generational journey through Lent, 6-7:30pm in Friends Hall, RSVP.
• Ladies Coffee Night - March 24: more info HERE
• Hand of Welcome Supper Club - March 25 & May 13:
info and sign up HERE
• Bruce Kelly Memorial Concert - April 2: more info and to purchase tickets HERE
• Palm Sunday - April 9: Palm Parade at both Services
• Maundy Thursday - April 13: Family Friendly Service with light dinner @ 7pm
• Good Friday- April 14: Family Friendly Service @ 7pm
• Holy Saturday - April 15: Work Day @ 9am-3pm; Easter Egg Hunt @ 10am
• Easter Sunday - April 16: Sunrise Service @ 6:30 (Heatherstone Park); Worship @ 8:30 & 10:45

Taking Action and Speaking Up:
Information on how to contact your government officials on the mission page under Hand of Welcome.

On-Going Events:
• Grief Group - meets the first Sunday of the month, led by Jody Gyulay, 11:45am, Room 102
• Mission & Outreach Opportunities:
check the Mission & Outreach page for more information.
• Transforming Families: meets Sundays @ 4pm, in the Pastor's office. Our next meeting is March 26
• SAGE (Saint Andrew Group for Ecology) Street Clean-Up: April 16, read more on the SAGE Page.

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Our Shalom Statement

Saint Andrew Christian Church is a shalom community; a gathered people, seeking God’s peace, justice, healing, and wholeness in every part of our lives and world.

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As members of the family of God, we share our beliefs, doubts, struggles, and growth.

Recipients of God’s boundless grace, forgiveness, and love, we in turn offer our gifts and invite the fellowship, gifts, leadership, and spirit of all who share God’s passion for shalom.

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