Academy for Life & Faith

2017 Series of classes sure to stimulate thought, discussion and action.

The Adult Education Committee is pleased to present this month's selection of the Saint Andrew Adult Education Series. The series brings classes ranging from environmental topics, to social issues, to scriptural and theological studies. Each series is led by speakers who are experts in their field and have a passion to share with us as we continue the challenge to 'seek God, create community, and practice justice.'

We would like to extend a big thank you to the members of the 2017 Adult Education Committee:
yce Ann Collins (chair), Marcia Manter, Vivian Gibbens, Mark Dugan, Julie Broski, & Denise Dugan.

November 26
Prepare for Advent

Royce Ann Collinswith Royce Ann Collins
9:30 am, Friends Hall

Royce Ann Collins will lead a dialogue about how we prepare for advent.  “Behold,” the angel says, “you will conceive in your womb and bear a son.”  Mary had nine months to get ready.  How will you prepare for the blessed event?


December 3 – 17
Story for All Ages Series

Royce Ann Collins & Rev. Mark Harmonwith Royce Ann Collins & Mark Harmon
9:30am, Friends Hall

The door opens with Zechariah and Elizabeth, an older couple of priestly descent, working in the Temple. The picture of Jewish piety and yet without a child to call their own.  Running into the scene is the young to be mother, Mary.  She enters trembling and trying to recover from the angel’s message.  Surely, she would find wisdom from her spiritually sound elder, Elizabeth, who states, “Who am I, that the mother of my Lord should visit me?” Now the baby makes his presence known by kicking her in the side. A Baby!  We fall in love with the baby. A baby is always beautiful, precious, and wonderful to hold. Jesus, a new life, a new hope, innocence coming into the old and weary world. We will explore Advent through their eyes and lives.

We experience advent in the many ages of our lives. This series (Elizabeth and Zechariah, Mary, and baby Jesus) is a snapshot of these times in our lives and how each plays a part in our advent experience and journey.  Come journey with us!

December 3: “Elizabeth and Zechariah” led by Royce Ann Collins
December 10: “Mary” led by Royce Ann Collins
December 17: “Baby Jesus” led by Mark Harmon