Academy for Life & Faith

2017 Series of classes sure to stimulate thought, discussion and action.

The Adult Education Committee is pleased to present this month's selection of the Saint Andrew Adult Education Series. The series brings classes ranging from environmental topics, to social issues, to scriptural and theological studies. Each series is led by speakers who are experts in their field and have a passion to share with us as we continue the challenge to 'seek God, create community, and practice justice.'

We would like to extend a big thank you to the members of the 2017 Adult Education Committee:
Royce Ann Collins (chair), Marcia Manter, Vivian Gibbens, Mark Dugan, Julie Broski, & Denise Dugan.

Join us in March for our series on Mental Health:

March 5
"Being in Relationship with Someone with Narcissistic Personality Disorder"

Rebecca Mileswith Rebecca R. Miles, Ph.D.
Licensed Psychologist, Kansas
9:30 am in Friends Hall

This hour will focus on the traits and characteristics of individuals who have been diagnosed with a Narcissistic Personality Disorder as well as how best to cope such that you do not become damaged in the process.

Dr. Miles has been working in the field of mental health for the past 27 years and has worked in a successful private practice since 2005. She has a particular passion working with individuals who have been or are currently in a relationship (parent, child, romantic partner, boss, or friend) with a narcissist.  

March 12
"Obsessive Compulsive Disorder”

David & Michaela Culkinwith David and Michaela Culkin
9:30 am in Friends Hall

David and Michaela Culkin have lived with obsessive compulsive disorder all the married life. They have found that honesty, humor, and strong communication have been the keys to their successful journey in dealing with mental illness. Come hear this personal story and challenge of living with mental illness.

A need to learn—a need to heal.
I learn to dig…to learn to heal.
To dig is to learn; learning about
oneself is more than digging.
Artifacts shed their dirt-encrusted coats; reveal
windows into our shadowed pasts.
Reflecting on them sheds light
on our potential selves.
I learn to dig…to learn; revelation morphs
regrets, doubts, and fears into
hope, confidence, and courage.
A need to learn—a need to heal
. (Culkin, dissertation, 2016)

Drs. David and Michaela Culkin are experienced educators and hold doctorates in the fields of K-12 curriculum and adult education, respectively. David’s autoethnographic dissertation addressed his identity development as a person living with a mental illness. They have known each other for twenty-five years and have been married almost twenty-two years. They are practicing Catholics in a complex world. They reside in Leavenworth, Kansas, and they enjoy traveling when not working.

March 19
"Mental Health - Essentials for Infants & Toddlers"

Alice Eberhart-Wrightwith Alice Eberhart-Wright
9:30 am in Friends Hall

This presentation will list a broad range of specialties in the field of early childhood mental health, but focus on Alice’s work with helping the judicial system understand the needs of children. She will show a 19 minute DVD created by ZERO TO THREE to help people understand early trauma and how court teams across the country address the needs of maltreated infants and toddlers.

Alice Eberhart-Wright has a MA in Clinical Social Work with a specialty in young children. She started the 1st therapeutic preschool in Kansas in 1968 and soon realized that children would have serious problems if we did not catch them early: prevent when they knew they were at risk, intervene whenever we could observe problems, and promote good mental health and parenting practices from the prenatal period. I currently work as an early childhood and family specialist, mostly in judicial situations to make the court aware of the needs of children. I carry CASA (Court Appointed Special Advocates) cases regularly and am always available to provide education to interested audiences.

March 26
“Mental Health Awareness"

Elijah Buchholzwith Elijah Buchholz, LCPC, LCAC
9:30 am in Friends Hall

Elijah will present an overview of a variety of mental health diagnoses and treatment, focusing briefly on anxiety and depression. He will offer statistics for the Johnson County area. Elijah will share some suggestions for talking to/helping someone struggling with mental illness. He will also provide time for attendees to present their questions and facilitate discussion on specific topics/concerns/questions from the audience.

Elijah Buchholz is a Licensed Clinical Professional Counselor andLicensed Clinical Addictions Counselor at Johnson County Mental Health