Academy for Life & Faith

2018 Series of classes sure to stimulate thought, discussion and action.

The Adult Education Committee is pleased to present this month's selection of the Saint Andrew Adult Education Series. The series brings classes ranging from environmental topics, to social issues, to scriptural and theological studies. Each series is led by speakers who are experts in their field and have a passion to share with us as we continue the challenge to 'seek God, create community, and practice justice.'

We would like to extend a big thank you to the members of the 2018 Adult Education Committee:
yce Ann Collins (chair), Marcia Manter, Vivian Gibbens, Mark Dugan, Julie Broski, & Denise Dugan.

April 1
"What Do We Mean By Salvation"

Tom Mingeswith Tom Minges
9:30 am, Friends Hall

Christians have tried for centuries to explain what it means to call Jesus 'Savior'. This presentation on "Atonement Theories" will address what's right about them, what's wrong about them, and what it might mean to each of us to call Jesus our Savior.

Tom Minges is a former associate pastor at Saint Andrew who still loves to dabble in things theological.


April 8
“The Refugee Resettlement Experience”

JP Sabimpawith J.P. Sabimpa
9:30am; Friends Hall

J.P. Sabimpa and his nephew came to Kansas City as Congolese refugees.  Join us on April 8th as they share their resettlement journey and what their lives in America are like today.

J.P. Sabimpa works for Catholic Charities refugee resettlement services.  His nephew is in the U.S. military.


April 15
"How To Respond To Climate Change Denialists"

Alex Wallerwith Alex Waller
9:30 am, Friends Hall

Climate change denialists use a small number of arguments to deny humans are causing widespread damage to the environment. Often these arguments can be easily countered, and in a way that won't make the denialist defensive. We'll go over some of these common climate change denial arguments, the one or two sentence replies, and discuss at a high level who is a good climate change skeptic to engage and whether its worth your time to engage with those who strongly believe the climate is doing just fine.

Alex Waller is an engineer in Olathe Kansas. He's been a member of SACC since 1991.


April 22
"Small Groups can Make a Big Difference"

Rev. Sandhya Jhawith Rev. Sandhya Jha
9:30 am, Friends Hall

We are delighted to have Rev. Sandhya Jha as our Guest Preacher and Adult Education presenter. Sandhya serves as founder and director of the Oakland Peace Center, a collective of 40 organizations creating access, equity and dignity for all in Oakland and the Bay Area. She will preach at both services and lead Adult Education discussing how a small group can make a big difference.

April 29
"Medicare for All"

Lori Slettehaughwith Lori Slettehaugh
9:30am, Friends Hall

The high cost of healthcare in America leaves many people unable to afford treatment when they become sick or injured.  Bills introduced in both the United States Senate and House of Representatives involve providing a modified version of Medicare for all Americans.  This presentation will outline the current challenges related to healthcare coverage, costs and outcomes in America, followed by a discussion of the ways in which Medicare for All coverage would be different from current Medicare, the costs of a Medicare for All policy and proposed funding sources.
Lori Slettehaugh is a physical therapist, aerospace engineer, mom and wife.  Her work experience spans from missile defense to treating patients with chronic low back pain.  She currently teaches at Kansas City Kansas Community College in the Physical Therapist Assistant Program