Pastoral Care

Our Pastoral Partners assist the Saint Andrew pastors in meeting the day-to-day ministerial needs of the congregation.

Members are appointed as Pastoral Partners to help provide pastoral care in our faith community. They are present to support, and pray for, those who may wish to share any joys or concerns with them.

Your needs may come to the Pastoral Partners group from one of the Sunday services, from our pastor, or from talking directly to a Pastoral Partner. You may also fill out a prayer request card at church, or on-line.

Pastoral Partners 2018

Gayle Gauert (chair)
Pat Boston
Cheryl Darlington
Jeff Darlington
Jamie Fraizer
Judy Frazier
Eugenio Gonzalez
Jane Gonzalez
Pam Hamilton
Rick Heinze
Joe Nicholas
Lois Penn
Shari Tedford
Randy Tedford
Dave Winans