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Saint Andrew Group
for Ecology (SAGE)

As members of Saint Andrew Christian Church, believing that the earth is God's and all life is sacred, it is with humility, awe, and wonder we seek ways to live in harmony with and as faithful stewards of God's creation.

"The Earth is God's and all that is in it, the world, and those who live in it; for God has founded it on the seas, and established it on the rivers." Psalm 24:1-2

street cleanStreet Clean Up
Now that the construction is nearing completion, we will have started Street Clean Up of our adopted stretch of 127th Street. We meet next on December 21, 4:00 pm, in the parking lot.

SAGE in Action
waterBottled water has become a large industry in this and many countries. In Kansas City we are blessed to have some of the best utility drinking water product in the country. Consider using a reusable water bottle and filling it rom the tap. It can save money and reduce the explosion of disposable plastic bottles. Thanks for continuing to reduce, reuse and recycle.

From Greenability Magazine
Recycle Lights with Southeast Enterprises - through January 20
Decorating for the holidays? Recycle those broken lights and help keep thousands of pounds of wire, plastic and light bulbs out of the landfill with Southeast Enterprises. There are many drop-off sites across the metro available until January 20. Recycle holiday lights with Greenability and receive a free copy of the magazine! We are located in the Posty Cards building at 1600 Olive St., Kansas City, MO. Visit Greenability News for all the details.